Text Box: It has been a very active and productive year for Yumi’s Real Estate business, still with Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties and this is Yumi’s 25th Year!  Yumi would love to hear from you so call or e-mail her.  Yumi has been blessed with a great assistant, Puanani Koyanagi, to help her keep organized and to continue to provide excellent customer service. This has also allowed Yumi to take some need time off to visit with her family  in California and Japan.  In April, Yumi visited her Dad’s family in Reedley, CA to celebrate her Aunt Fusa & Text Box: Uncle Nob Takasaki’s 50th Anniversary.  Yumi’s sisters, Shirley & Irene and her brother, Willie, her Mom and Dad all attended. There were relatives Yumi had not seen for 15-20 years!  It was Shirley’s idea for us to dress in Aloha wear in Reedley!  We had a great time.
Yumi had to visit again in May because her Mom was not well, so another trip to the Monterey Peninsula! A bit of a scare but Mom is doing fine now.  Yumi, her Mom, Shirley & Irene visited Japan: Osaka, Hiroshima & Tokyo in September to see their Aunty Tamiko who is very ill.   We had a beautiful time with our Aunty Tamiko and the family. We are so grateful to have spent the time together, in laughter, tears and love.  Please pray for Aunty Tamiko.  God Bless you all my friends & family!
Text Box: resort.   It was a beautiful site with a lovely sandy beach and cool  breezes.  We stayed for 4 days and enjoyed doing nothing for one full day!   A good friend, Lance Renka visited us from Santa Barbara and we’ve had fun catching up.  Rick fixed up the “Yellow Submarine” and takes it out to explore and Video the marine life, reefs, ledges and caves around the Islands.  
This year we have had the privilege of hosting our home church in our home and we have been blessed with the fellowship and prayers.  You are always welcome, we usually meet on Wednesday evenings.  Left, Rick is posing next to a model replica of the Hawaii Loa canoe.  Rick did the “as built” documentation CAD drawings for the Hawaiian voyaging canoe.  It’s a beautiful work of craftsmanship using native wood components lashed together.
Text Box: Rick, the computer geek, has been working on computer network installations and internet services for his clients.  He has been fighting with viruses and hackers trying to get into the systems.  He is building a state of the art CAD and Video Editing computer for his Christmas present.  Yumi bugs him to handle all her computer needs also. It gets a bit crazy but when 5:30 PM comes around, Akebono will interrupt Rick with his waggling tail and smiley face to take a sunset stroll and swim at Waterfront Park.
Our Church, The Father’s House had a camping weekend at Waimanalo Camp and Beach Park this year.  Rick is Mr. Camperman, the one who takes everything except the kitchen sink just so Yumi can have the comfort of home at the campsite.  We called it our beachfront Rick's WorldRealtor Yumi's on Top!


From our home to yours, we send our Aloha and Prayers.  We as a family are praying together for our Country, family and friends.  May you be blessed with  GOOD HEALTH and HIS JOY!    Rick, Yumi, Christina & John-David (JD)—

Joy! Peace! Love!


Tamiko, Hiroko (Mom) & Yasuko


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