Text Box: The Laneys want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the beautiful Aloha State!  
Time flies when you are having fun and even when youíre not!  Can you believe it is Christmas already and it is the year, 2003?We have been incredibly busy with our families and businesses.   
Rick and Yumi are still together, both have mellowed OUT, mentally and physically.  We donít have much money, honey, but we have each other and we have a lot to be grateful for!  Good Friends and Family and a beautiful place to live!  This has been the year of Yumiís family, ups and downs, requiring Yumi to travel to the Mainland a couple of times and Japan .  Rick has been a good sport, holding down the fort and taking care of business.    
Text Box: Christina, aka, Mika is enjoying herself in Kihei, Maui.  She moved from LA with a job opportunity but it didnít work out so she is part-timing it at the hotels in Wailea and working with students.  She would love to get into a full-time guidance counseling or social working position.  Also, graduate school looks like her future but in the meantime, she is taking some quality time in Maui!!  She paddles  with a local canoe club and we watched her compete here in the State Championships.  Rick and I visited and helped her get set up in June and we had a great time shopping for Christina. Rick and I stayed at the beautiful Outrigger Wailea and it was nice. Also, snorkeling, eating & relaxing was on the schedule.
Text Box: JD is working for Repcor Hawaii which stocks hardware and products at the various Home Depot type stores.  He really enjoys his job and is fortunate it allows him to have fun during the day hours.  He goes surfing, visiting friends and of course, has discovered the nightlife since he is over 21 years old!  Also, visited Christina in Maui in October.  His free time may be limited once he goes on his own and gets a 2nd job???


Christina in Maui

JD, 2003

Text Box: Aloha Family & Friends,


Hawaii Gang: Ireneís Birthday

Yumi, Rick & Akebono

Yumi, Irene & Shirley
Cannery Row, Monterey


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